We are a world class organization – and we take pride in the talent who contribute to our network. IC Securities careers fall under the following departments and units:

IC Securities Graduate Trainee Program
Our Graduate Trainee program will give you a clearer understanding of what makes IC Securities a unique place to work and allows us as an organization to build an important, entry-level talent for our future. Our program is open to you after you have completed your degree.

IC Securities Internship program
This is the ideal first step in exploring a career in banking. As an intern in IC Securities, you will work alongside experienced, smart and well-motivated staff within our industry. Our unique internships will give you exposure to our Company. We offer internships all year round, taking into consideration a candidate’s own schedule and our own available opportunities in the course of the year. Typically, we have:

Applying for an internship
Interested applicants may send their applications to careers@icsecurities.com. We recommend you follow up on your application. Where there are available internship opportunities, potential candidates will have a brief interview before being given an internship opportunity.Our recruiting team looks at the applicant’s goals, qualification, skills set and personal achievements

Candidates will be required to provide the following: